LaSalle Nova Capital Markets of Chicago The Financial Visionaries

LaSalle Nova Capital Markets of Chicago The Financial Visionaries

LaSalle Nova Capital Markets of Chicago The Financial Visionaries LaSalle Nova Capital Markets of Chicago The Financial Visionaries LaSalle Nova Capital Markets of Chicago The Financial Visionaries

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The LaSalle Nova MacArthur 35/65 Fund


We are LaSalle Nova Capital Partners the Midwest premier commercial real estate investment firm. We operate throughout the Midwest and Southeast regions. Our goal is to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns to our investment capital base (LaSalle Mac) across cycles and over the long term. The LaSalle Nova Capital Partners commercial platform encompasses investments across the risk spectrum from opportunistic to core and to debt. We seek out to acquire high quality commercial assets with a high return investment to replacement. We then improve the subject for commercialize intent through hands on financial structural and management of the capital stack debt,equity,preferred and or leverage. Our efforts results in solid returns for our sponsors,investors and entrepreneurs with strong economic assets base. Our real estate portfolio includes: office buildings,retail malls,hotels, condo developments, apartment complexes and special use commercial real estate.   

Our areas of special interest are: Real Estate Preferred Equity and Equity Leverage   

LaSalle is composed of four entities: a). LaSalle Nova Capital Markets the origination platform and syndication unit.  Capital providers Special Purpose Entities: LaSalle Global Finance Inc..dba: LaSalle Global Markets of NYC, LaSalle Scotia Private Equity of CT and LaSalle Private Client Group/LaSalle Private Equity.

Disciplined Due Diligence 

Our investment approach is based on a well oiled disciplined due diligence approach and process that measures risk while identifying the catalysts for increased and or added value. Our specialized investment portfolio operation group will help maximize asset value by improvement of cash flow across all elements of the business operations.

Overall quality of the project, performance ability and revenue capabilities. Strong market fundamentals with appropriate demands. Demonstrated relevant experience and success of sponsorship followed by a qualified team.   

The LaSalle Mac 35/65 Fund

We take great pride in our most recent development of the 35/65 Fund for real estate preferred equity transactions. We seek real estate preferred equity opportunities that are undeserved by the traditional preferred equity model used today. LaSalle Scotia has  developed a new and innovative structure to RE Preferred Equity transactions designed to provide an alternative for real estate projects in need of preferred equity where the traditional model has placed requirements rending the project unsuitable for profits.        

Commercial Real Estate Financing


Fixed & Floating Instruments

Short and Medium Term Balloons

Temp to Perm 15/30 Amortization

30/30 Term Amortization


LaSalle Scotia Global Markets of NYC Inc.

RE Preferred Equity


The managing partner Gray Sheldon at LaSalle Nova Capital Markets Chicago has developed a new formula achieving higher leverage ratios on the capital stack. A well coined blended structure from Mezz, Private Equity and Debt finance all package into a single asset instrument. The 35/65 Fund.

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