RE Preferred Equity

The 35/65 Fund LLC


LaSalle Nova Capital Markets of Chicago and The MacArthur Fund operates on a core philosophical belief that successful transaction begins with a well made investment,extensive fundamental research combined with a accurate application of the analysis. Our comprehensive early stage capabilities in research,underwriting and financial analysis allows us identify investment opportunities  with suitable risk, acceptable rewards while mitigating and or eliminating potential for losses in profits.   

Commercial Real Estate Preferred Equity Investment  

Preferred equity allows sponsors,developers and other commercial real estate entrepreneurs to preserves capital, ownership and control with a cost-effective alternative to utilizing advancement of project equity from JVEP's and other capital investment providers. The LaSalle Nova 35/65 fund raises the bar above the normal utilization both in leverage,capital availability, project type and collateral.           

The 35/65 Mac Fund is designed to generate low-volatility income stream from commercialize projects with consistent cash flow capabilities. These types of investments are subject to rigorous analysis with emphasis on project fundamentals,market location followed by the durability of performance. 

The MacArthur Fund Investment Guidelines


New origination-Preferred Debt-Preferred Equity-Senior Stretch and Senior Debt. Most US markets most major property types. New Acquisition and Recapitalization. $10 to $125 Million loan size. Terms 5 to 10 years, other terms case by case. Average term 3 years.

Leverage up to 35/65 & 40/60 case by case

JVE-Joint Venture Equity $10 million mini case by case


The 35/65 Fund of Chicago


Preferred Debt, Preferred Equity & Senior Stretch

Tier1: $10 million mini loan size

Tier2: $5 million case by case

3,5 & 7 year term

Leverage up: 95% LTC 90% LTV

Waterfall structure available

Combination structure available 




RE Preferred Equity Special Interest

Preferred Equity RE

Preferred Equity: $10 to $75 million Tier 1

Preferred Equity: $5 to $10 million   Tier 2

Preferred Equity: Tier 3 case by case

Returns: pending risk & participation 1,2&3

Capitalization: 35/65 & 40/60 case by case

Equity back-end: case by case 1,2&3


Preferred JVE

Preferred JVE: $5 to $15 million

Preferred JVE: $15 to $20 million

Preferred Terms: 2-5 Yrs Other case by case 

Returns: based on risk and waterfall 

Waterfall: case by case 

Maturity sale: case by case

Preferred ELBO

Preferred ELBO: $25 to $75 million

Preferred terms: case by case

Preferred returns: case by case

% of equity: 80-95 case by case

Maturity: case by case