LaSalle Nova Private Equity

LaSalle Nova Private Equity CT

LaSalle Nova Private Equity Group of CT based in Greenwich Connecticut with special interest in private equity, equity LBO and PE syndication from $35 to $150 million.      

Private Equity (Tier 1 Modified)

Our key areas of focus are: Professional Athletic Training Facilities,Community  Centers and Multi Sports Performance operations.     

PE Syndication (Tier 2 Modified)

Our finance arena: RE Preferred Equity,Private Equity, Project Syndication and ELBO. 

LN Private Client Group

The Grand Father

LaSalle Nova Private Client Group

LaSalle Nova Private Bank


The MacArthur Group of Atlanta

The MacArthur Group 35/65 Fund. $3.5 million dollars under management to date.

LaSalle MacArthur Structure

LaSalle Nova Private Equity CT-LaSalle Nova Private Client NYC-LaSalle Nova Global Markets and the Platform

LaSalle Nova Capital Markets of Chicago Charlotte and Atlanta.

LaSalle Nova Private Client Group

The private client  group at LaSalle Nova Private Bank specializes in senior secured debt, equity leverage (ELBO) and real estate private bank customized financing. Our special interests are: Winery Restaurants, Winery Entities, Vineyards, Craft Breweries and  Distilleries nationwide. 

Special Interest Group

Winery/Restaurants & Vineyards

Acquisition & Development-Equity Bridge-Equity LBO-CapLines

Mini Loan Amount $10 million

Terms: 3,5,7 and 9 Year Balloon

Loan to Value: senior and stretch

Other terms case by case 

Craft Brewery & Distillery

A & D Combination-Equity-ELBO

Mini Loan Amount $7.5 million

Terms: 3,5,7 & 9 Year Balloons

Other terms case by case

Performance Athletic Facilities

A & D Combination-Equity LBO & RE Preferred Equity

Mini Loan Amount $10 million

Terms: 3,5,7 & 9 Year Balloon

Other terms case by case 

Casino Hotels

Bank Grade & Soft Money

Bridge Loans

RE Preferred Equity

$10 to $35 million