The LaSalle Mac Team

Joseph LaSalle GP & Founder


Joseph has successfully grown LaSalle  Capital Partners into a diversified financial investment banking firm with special interests in commercial real estate finance special use projects: vineyards,wineries and restaurants. Joseph was one of the top brass with LaSalle Bank Corporation in the late 1970's when LaSalle acquired Mutual National Bank. Joseph also speared the merger of ABN in 1979 when LaSalle become the largest bank in Chicago with $72 billion in assets and $46 billion in deposits. Joseph is the senior and general partner at LaSalle Nova Private Equity Firm located in Greenwich CT.  

Austin MacArthur GP & Founder


Austin Mac is a principal partner of LaSalle Capital Partners with over 35 years of experience in the commercial finance arena. Austin areas of expertise covers commercial real estate, technology and Oil & Gas. Austin also is the manger of the Mac Fund 35/65 a specialized group formed for real estate preferred equity transactions with over $3.5 billion under management. Austin began his banking career  with Central Carolina Bank CCB in 1975. From 1981 through 1999 Austin was the VP of real estate finance operations at NCNC Bank. Austin also played a key roll in the NCNB acquisition of C&S Sovran Corp in 1991 which NCNB became Nation Bank. 

Marcus Williams


Marcus is a Principal and General Partner with LaSalle Capital Partners. Marcus is the VP of operation at LaSalle Global Markets of NYC a premium grade finance direct lender. Marcus has over 25 years of experience in the commercial real estate finance arena. His areas of expertise are hospitality,retail shopping malls and special use real estate underwriting. Prior to joining LaSalle Marcus served as VP of the trust department at First Union Bank in North Carolina in 1985. Marcus was instrumental in the acquisition of South Carolina Federal Corp in 1992 by First Union Bank. 

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